Reusable NIBP Cuff Reusable NIBP Cuff

Our reusable NIBP cuffs provide a complete solution for non-invasive blood pressure monitoring across all patient sizes, from neonates (6 cm limb circumference, model C2311) to adults (54 cm for thighs, model C2911). Available in both single and double tube options, they cater to various medical devices, ensuring snug fits and precise readings. Designed for repeated use in hospitals, clinics, and care facilities, these cuffs are durable, individually packaged for hygiene, and essential for healthcare professionals prioritizing accuracy and efficiency in patient care.

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Size Limb Circumference Single Tube Bladder Double Tube Bladder Image Description Remarks
Adult 25-35cm C6711 C6721 reusable nibp cuffs Please match right NIBP Connectors for cuffs 1pcs/Bag
Adult Long 25-35cm C6711+ C6721+
Pediatric 18-26cm C6611 C6621
Infant 10-19cm C6511 C6521
Neonate 6-11cm C6311 C6321
Large Adult 33-47cm C6811 C6821
Thigh 46-66cm C6911 C6921
Adult 25-35 cm C1711 C1721 Please match right NIBP Connectors for cuffs 1pcs/Bag
Pediatric 18-26 cm C1611 C1621    
Infant 10-19 cm C1511 C1521    
Neonate 6-11 cm C1311 C1321    
Large Adult 33-47 cm C1811 C1821    
Thigh 46-66 cm C1911 C1921    
Adult 27-35 cm C2711 C2721 Please match right NIBP Connectors for cuffs 1pcs/Bag
Small Adult 20.5-28 cm C2711S C2721S    
Pediatric 14-21.5 cm C2611 C2621    
Infant 10-15 cm C2511 C2521    
Neonate 6-11 cm C2311 C2321    
Large Adult 34-43 cm C2811 C2821    
Thigh 42-54 cm C2911 C2921    
Size Limb Circumference Single Tube Bladderless Double Tube Bladderless Image Description Remarks
Adult 25.3-34.3 cm C1710 C1720 Please match right NIBP Connectors for cuffs 1pcs/Bag
Small Adult 20-27 cm C1610 C1620    
Small Child 12.4-16.8 cm C1510 C1520    
Child 15.8-21.3 cm C1410 C1420    
Neonate 1 3.3-5.6 cm C1310-1 C1320-1    
Neonate 2 4.2-7.1 cm C1310-2 C1320-2    
Neonate 3 5-10.5 cm C1310-3 C1320-3    
Neonate 4 6.9-11.7 cm C1310-4 C1320-4    
Neonate 5 8.9-15 cm C1310-5 C1320-5    
Neonate 6 7.7-10.5 cm C1310-6 C1320-6    
Large Adult 32.1-43.4 cm C1810 C1820    
Thigh 46-66 cm C1910 C1920    
Adult (OEM) SAIRAN 25.3-34.3 cm C1710-A      

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