Adult NIBP Cuff Adult NIBP Cuff

Our Adult NIBP Cuffs are designed to meet the diverse needs of the adult patient population in medical settings. Available in a range of sizes from standard adult (25-35 cm) to large adult (up to 43.4 cm), these cuffs ensure a snug and comfortable fit, critical for accurate blood pressure measurements. Whether choosing disposable for one-time use in high-risk environments or reusable for cost-effectiveness and environmental considerations, our Adult NIBP Cuffs are engineered for precision, comfort, and reliability, making them an essential component in the toolkit of medical professionals.

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Type Size Limb Circumference Single tube P/N Double tube P/N MOQ
Disposable Adult 25.3-34.3cm C0111-43/C0111-32 C0211-4343/C0211-3232 5pcs
Disposable Large Adult 32.1-43.4cm C0112-43/C0112-32 C0212-4343/C0212-3232 5pcs
Reusable Adult 25-35cm C6711 C6721 -
Reusable Adult Long 25-35cm C6711+ C6721+ -
Reusable Adult 25-35 cm C1711 C1721  
Reusable Large Adult 33-47 cm C1811 C1821  
Reusable Adult 27-35 cm C2711 C2721  
Reusable Large Adult 34-43 cm C2811 C2821  

Remarks: Please match right plastic NIBP Connector for cuffs


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