Neonatal NIBP Cuff Neonatal NIBP Cuff

Our line of neonate NIBP cuffs is specifically designed to meet the delicate requirements of neonatal blood pressure monitoring. The cuffs cater to the smallest patients, with sizes ranging from 3 cm to 15 cm in limb circumference, ensuring a precise fit for neonates of various sizes. Available in both disposable and reusable forms, these cuffs provide safe, accurate, and comfortable solutions suitable for the tiniest patients.

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Type Size Limb Circumference Single tube P/N Double tube P/N MOQ Image Description
Disposable Neonate 1 3-6cm C0101-44 C0201-4444 20pcs
Neonate 2 4-8cm C0102-44 C0202-4444 20pcs
Neonate 3 6-11cm C0103-44 C0203-4444 20pcs
Neonate 4 7-13cm C0104-44 C0204-4444 20pcs
Neonate 5 8-15cm C0105-44 C0205-4444 20pcs
neonate 1 3-6cm C0301-50 C0401-5050 20pcs
neonate 2 4-8cm C0302-50 C0402-5050 20pcs
neonate 3 6-11cm C0303-50 C0403-5050 20pcs
neonate 4 7-13cm C0304-50 C0404-5050 20pcs
neonate 5 8-15cm C0305-50 C0405-5050 20pcs
Reusable Neonate 6-11cm C6311 C6321 - -
Neonate 6-11 cm C1311 C1321 - -
Neonate 1 3.3-5.6 cm C1310-1 C1320-1  
Neonate 2 4.2-7.1 cm C1310-2 C1320-2  
Neonate 3 5-10.5 cm C1310-3 C1320-3  
Neonate 4 6.9-11.7 cm C1310-4 C1320-4  
Neonate 5 8.9-15 cm C1310-5 C1320-5  
Neonate 6 7.7-10.5 cm C1310-6 C1320-6  

Remarks: Please match right plastic NIBP Connector for cuffs


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