ECG cable

ECG cable

ECG cable is a multifunctional cable device used to connect an ECG instrument to electrodes placed on the patient to be used together to detect and record the electrical activity of the heart.These cables transmit electrical signals to the ECG device for analysis and diagnosis by medical personnel. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is a commonly used test to assess the health of the heart by recording the electrical activity of the heart. The ECG cable serves to transmit the ECG signals from the patient's body to the ECG instrument.
Medke, as a professional ECG multi cable manufacturer and supplier in China, we have a high standard ECG multilead cables production factory, and we have rich experience and expertise in the field of ECG cables. Our ECG cables are specially designed to connect the ECG instrument to the patient's electrodes, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of signal transmission. Feel free to contact us to get a wholesale quote for ECG Cable!

Introduction to ECG cables

Classification of ECG cables:

Materials for ECG cables:

ECG cables are usually made of silicone, TPU or PVC with an outer coating. Silicone is the best choice of coating due to its flexibility and softness, but of course it is also the most expensive; TPU is also soft to the touch like silicone and offers excellent abrasion and tear resistance as well as high tensile strength; and PVC coverings are thick, flexible and soft, and are another acceptable choice for many businessmen looking for cost-effective solutions.


Due to the different ways in which the cable connects to the electrode pads, there are different adapter connectors for the accessories that need to be used with the cable; e.g., clip-on adapter connector, snap-on adapter connector, and banana-plug adapter connector, etc.; the compatibility of the accessories varies depending on the ECG cable and the model of the ECG machine.


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