OEM Solutions

Professional Medical Cables & Sensors Solutions Provider

OEM Product Introduction

We are a certified manufacturer of medical cables, sensors and accessories. also offer OEM/ODM medical cable solution for your own-brand device.

OEM Process

  • Implement project
  • Drawing
  • Mold
  • Sample
  • Mass Production
Product Development
  • 1
    Analysis your Requirements(3h)
  • 2
    Implement Project(24h)
  • 3
    Discuss the specifications, Drawing approval (3days)
  • 4
    Component Sourcing
  • 5
  • 6
    Tooling Design & Making(7days)
  • 7
    Sampling/prototype (15days)
  • 8
  • 9
    Mass Production(20days)
Analysis your Requirements(3h)

Timely response to follow up on customer requests, and accurately analyze customer needs, strive to propose preliminary solutions within 3 hours;

Implement Project(24h)

Within 24 hours, we organize the business department and R&D department to discuss the feasibility of the program in detail and determine the project establishment;

Discuss the specifications, Drawing approval (3days)

Match the requirements with the R&D technical department within 3 days, produce the drawing plan and finalize the final feasible plan with the client;

Component Sourcing

Rapidly prepare materials based on confirmed feasible solutions and procure raw materials in preparation for the next step of mold development;


Determine the mold design and quote the entire project;

Tooling Design & Making(7days)

Finish making and adjusting the molds within 7 days to ensure the smooth production of samples;

Sampling/prototype (15days)

Sample production within 15 days;


Completion of technical and parametric validation tests based on samples;

Mass Production(20days)

Mass production within 20 days with guaranteed production yields;

OEM Capability & Advantage

With over decades experience in this field allows us to meet custom requirements for cable easier.we operates our manufacturing plants under a quality management system based on the requirements of EN ISO13485:2012 and in compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

R&D Strength

Medke's strong R&D has the experience and understanding to undertake the creative design and quality construction for any solutions you need. Our brilliant design engineers are available for collaboration for custom projects.

1. 3 mold designer, 2 sampling engineers ,5 technical

2. An average of 5 years of industry experience

3. Advanced 3D printing technology

Production Quality Control

1.Strictly implement under EN ISO13485 Quality management system

2.Incoming Quality Control(IQC)for our materials

3.In process quality control and make a records (IPQC)

4.Trial production will be carried out to verify each processing

5.100% Final quality control beofre shipment

Supply Chain

Medke continuously optimizes innovation, risk management, supply and cost control and continuous improvement to maintain the effectiveness of our supply chain management system.

1. Qualified and premium Supplier

2. Every components enabled 3 supplier

3. Efficient on delivery time

4. Keep developing partner from small batch purchasing volume

Regulatory Compliance

Medke employees are committed to compliance, customer satisfaction and meeting all applicable requirements as our responsibility. Quality assurance is the most critical part.

1. Complaice with quality manage system EN lSO:13485

2. All cables upgraded the EU MDR regulation and finished the EUDAMED registration

3. NMPA Registed ,CE/FDA approved


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