Disposable NIBP Cuff Disposable NIBP Cuff

The disposable nibp cuffs are available in a variety of sizes tailored to different patient demographics, from 3 cm for neonates to 66 cm for thigh applications, ensuring a proper fit for accurate blood pressure readings across all patient sizes. Each cuff size has specific part numbers for both single tube and double tube configurations. Suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, emergency medical services, and long-term care facilities, our disposable NIBP cuffs are essential for healthcare providers looking for a cost-effective, hygienic, and precise blood pressure monitoring solution.

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Size Limb Circumference Single tube P/N Double tube P/N MOQ Image Description
Neonate 1 3-6cm C0101-44 C0201-4444 20pcs
Neonate 2 4-8cm C0102-44 C0202-4444 20pcs
Neonate 3 6-11cm C0103-44 C0203-4444 20pcs
Neonate 4 7-13cm C0104-44 C0204-4444 20pcs
Neonate 5 8-15cm C0105-44 C0205-4444 20pcs
neonate 1 3-6cm C0301-50 C0401-5050 20pcs
neonate 2 4-8cm C0302-50 C0402-5050 20pcs
neonate 3 6-11cm C0303-50 C0403-5050 20pcs
neonate 4 7-13cm C0304-50 C0404-5050 20pcs
neonate 5 8-15cm C0305-50 C0405-5050 20pcs
Infant 9.8-13.3cm C0107-43/C0107-32 C0207-4343/C0207-3232 5pcs
Small Child 12.4-16.8cm C0108-43/C0108-32 C0208-4343/C0208-3232 5pcs
Child 15.8-21.3cm C0109-43/C0109-34/C0109-32 C0209-4343/C0209-3232 5pcs
Small adult 20-27cm C0110-43/C0110-32 C0210-4343/C0210-3232 5pcs
Adult 25.3-34.3cm C0111-43/C0111-32 C0211-4343/C0211-3232 5pcs
Large Adult 32.1-43.4cm C0112-43/C0112-32 C0212-4343/C0212-3232 5pcs
Thigh 46-66cm C0113-43/C0113-34/C0113-32 C0213-4343/C0213-3232 5pcs

Remarks: Please match right plastic NIBP Connector for cuffs


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