Philips/HP EKG Cable Philips/HP EKG Cable

  • Latex-free
  • Banana, Needle, Snap, Pinch available
  • AHA and IEC color coding available
  • Different types are Compatible with most of patient monitors
  • Easy to clean and repair
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    Compatible Model Leads / label Fixed Banana Fixed Needle Fixed Snap Fixed Pinch Connector
    200, 200i,
    Agilent 300PI, Agilent 300i,
    M1770A, M1771A, M1772A, M2662A,
    Pagewriter 100,
    Pagewriter 200, Pagewrite 200i,
    Pagewriter 300pi,
    Pagewriter Tc20, Pagewriter Tc30,
    Cardiocare 12, (10K resistor)
    10/AHA K1113B K1113N K1113S K1113P CN212
    10/IEC K1213B K1213N K1213S K1213P
      10/AHA K1157B K1157N K1157S K1157P CN117
    10/IEC K1257B K1257N K1257S K1257P

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