Philips SpO2 Adapter Cables Philips SpO2 Adapter Cables

  • Latex-free
  • Different types are Compatible with most of patient monitors
  • High performance price ratio for Reusable SpO2 sensor to save cost
  • Easy to clean and repair
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    Monitor Medke P/N Use with sensor Monitor side conn. P/N Sensor side conn. P/N
    Philips、HP P0225 Nellcor non-oximax CN39 CN49
    P0225A Philips 8 pins sensor CN40 CN53
    P0225F Masim LNOP CN41 CN55
    P0225B Nellcor non-oximax CN49
    P0225BM Masim LNCS sensor
    P0225L-H Masim MLNCS CN58
    P0225L-S Masim RD Set CN448
    P0225C Philips 8 pins sensor CN39 CN53
    P0225D Nellcor non-oximax CN40 CN49
    P0225E Nellcor oximax
    P0225E-B CN51

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