Nellcor Disposable SpO2 Sensor Nellcor Disposable SpO2 Sensor

Nellcor is medical technology company that specializes in patient monitoring solutions, including pulse oximetry.

  • Latex-free
  • Single patient use to reduce cross-contamination
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    Nellcor pulse oximeters and sensors are widely used in healthcare settings to measure blood oxygen levels and pulse rate in patients.

    Brand Adhesive Tape Adhesive Foam Adhesive Foam sensor Applicable Length
    Nellcor P1019 P1419 P1819 Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg) 0.9m
    P1119 P1519 P1919 lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1219 P1619 P1919 Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1319 P1719 P1819 Adult (>30kg)
    P1019A P1419A P1819A Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg)
    P1119A P1519A P1919A lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1219A P1619A P1919A Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1319A P1719A P1819A Adult (>30kg)

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