Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensor Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensor

  • Latex-free
  • Different types are Compatible with most of patient monitors
  • High performance price ratio for Reusable SpO2 sensor to save cost
  • Easy to clean and repair
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    The Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensor stands at the forefront of patient monitoring technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Crafted with cutting-edge features, Medsource ensures seamless integration with various patient monitors, making it an ideal choice for healthcare professionals. This article delves into the key attributes that define the Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensor in the realm of medical accessories.

    1. Latex-Free Design:

    The Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensor is meticulously engineered with a latex-free composition. This ensures compatibility with patients who may have latex allergies, reflecting Medsource's dedication to patient well-being and safety. This feature makes it a versatile and inclusive option for a wide range of medical environments.


    2. Versatility Across Patient Monitors:

    Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensors are designed with exceptional versatility in mind. They effortlessly connect with a diverse array of patient monitors, making them suitable for a wide range of medical settings. This adaptability ensures a seamless experience for healthcare professionals, eliminating the need for additional equipment.


    3. Optimal Performance-Price Ratio:

    One of the standout features of Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensors is their exceptional performance-price ratio. Their robust construction and precise readings make them a cost-effective solution for healthcare facilities. By opting for reusable sensors, medical institutions can significantly reduce operational costs associated with disposable alternatives.


    4. Effortless Maintenance and Repairs:

    Maintenance is a critical aspect of any healthcare setting. Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensors are engineered for easy cleaning and repair. This not only extends their lifespan but also ensures they remain in peak working condition, providing accurate readings when it matters most. This feature translates to enhanced durability and longevity.

    5. Diverse Applications in Healthcare:

    Medsource Reusable SpO2 Sensors find applications across a broad spectrum of healthcare settings. From hospitals and clinics to specialized care facilities, these sensors play a vital role in patient monitoring. Their compatibility with a wide range of patient monitors ensures they can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems.

    Compatible Model Adult Clip Adult Soft Pediatric Clip Pediatric Soft Neonate Wrap Multi-Y Adult Ear Clip Length Connector
    CAPNOX, VITRO, élan, POX 10, P-OX100L P9303 P8303 P7303 P6303 P5303 P4303 P3303 3.0 m CP7
    BPM-200 P9319 P8319 P7319 P6319 P5319 P4319 P3319 3.0 m CN30


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