Masimo Disposable SpO2 Sensor Masimo Disposable SpO2 Sensor

Masimo is a medical technology company that specializes in non-invasive patient monitoring solutions.

  • Latex-free
  • Single patient use to reduce cross-contamination
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    The Masimo Disposable SpO2 Sensor typically consists of a cable with a connector on one end that plugs into a compatible monitoring device, and on the other end, there's a sensor that is usually attached to a patient's fingertip, earlobe, or another suitable location. The sensor uses light to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood by assessing how much light is absorbed by oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin.

    Brand Adhesive Tape Adhesive Foam Adhesive Foam sensor Applicable Length
    Masimo P1015H P1415H P1815H Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg) 0.9m
    P1115H P1515H P1915H lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1215H P1615H P1915H Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1315H P1715H P1815H Adult (>30kg)
    P1015A P1415A P1815A Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg)
    P1115A P1515A P1915A lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1215A P1615A P1915A Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1315A P1715A P1815A Adult (>30kg)
    P1015F P1415F P1815F Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg)
    P1115F P1515F P1915F lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1215F P1615F P1915F Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1315F P1715F P1815F Adult (>30kg)
    P1015B P1415B P1815B Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg)
    P1115B P1515B P1915B lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1215B P1615B P1915B Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1315B P1715B P1815B Adult (>30kg)
    P1015S P1415S P1815S Neonate/Adult (<3kg/>40kg)
    P1115S P1515S P1915S lnfant (3-20kg)
    P1215S P1615S P1915S Pediatric (10-50kg)
    P1315S P1715S P1815S Adult (>30kg)

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