GE Datex Ohmeda SpO2 Sensor GE Datex Ohmeda SpO2 Sensor

  • Latex-free
  • Different types are Compatible with most of patient monitors
  • High performance price ratio for Reusable SpO2 sensor to save cost
  • Easy to clean and repair
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    Compatible Model Adult Clip Adult Soft Pediatric Clip Pediatric Soft Neonate Wrap Multi-Y Adult Ear Clip Length Connector
    S/5, AS/3, CS/3 Modular Monitors;with M-series modules; Cardiocap/5, Cardiocap S/5 Light Monitor; Capnomac Ultima Satlite Plus II P9310B P8310B P7310B P6310B P5310B P4310B P3310B 3.0 m CN12
    P9110C P8110C P7110C P6110C P5110C P4110C P3110C 1.0 m CN04
    M-NSAT Modules for AS/3, CS/3,S/5 Modular P9319B P8319B P7319B P6319B P5319B P4319B P3319B 3.0 m CN22
    E-NSAT Modules for i4 Modular Monitors P9119A P8119A P7119A P6119A P5119A P4119A P3119A 1.0 m CN31


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