ECG Leadwire Set Compatible Philips-HP ECG Leadwire Set Compatible Philips-HP

  • Latex-free
  • 3 leads, 5 leads, Snap, Pinch available
  • AHA and IEC color coding available
  • Different types are Compatible with most of patient monitors
  • Easy to clean and repair
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    Leads/Label Trunk cable Conn. Pinch End Snap End Leadwires Conn.
    3/AHA CN173 G311AA G312AA CN175
    3/IEC G321AA G322AA
    5/AHA CN174 G511AA G512AA CN176
    5/IEC G521AA G522AA
    3/AHA CN179 G311PH G312PH CN181
    3/IEC G321PH G322PH
    5/AHA CN180 G511PH G512PH CN182
    5/IEC G521PH G522PH
    3/AHA CN179 G317PH   CN181
    3/IEC G327PH  
    5/AHA CN180 G517PH   CN182
    5/IEC G527PH  
    10/AHA CN600 G511PV G512PV CN188
    10/IEC G521PV G522PV
    10/AHA G518PV -1800 G518PH -1800
    10/IEC G528PV -1800 G528PH -1800

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