Biolight Reusable SpO2 Sensor Biolight Reusable SpO2 Sensor

  • Latex-free
  • Different types are Compatible with most of patient monitors
  • High performance price ratio for Reusable SpO2 sensor to save cost
  • Easy to clean and repair
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    Compatible Model Adult Clip Adult Soft Pediatric Clip Pediatric Soft Neonate Wrap Multi-Y Adult Ear Clip Length Connector
    Biolight M12; LGMD (BCI) P9305 P8305 P7305 P6305 P5305 P4305 P3305 3.0 m CP5
    Biolight M69; M9000 Biocare Neusoft NSC-M10; Contec CMS9000, CMS6000 (Digital) P9305A P8305A P7305A P6305A P5305A P4305A P3305A 3.0 m CP5
    M700,M800, Creative SP20 (Digital) P9105C P8105C P7105C P6105C P5105C P4105C P3105C 1.0 m CN30
    M7000 ,smk-1 , Advanced AM1500 (Digital) P9305D P8305D P7305D P6305D P5305D P4305D P3305D 3.0 m CN61
    Schiller,Argus,LSM (Nellcor Oximax) P9305F P8305F P7305F P6305F P5305F P4305F P3305F 3.0 m CN61
    Analogic medical AM 1500 (Digital new) P9305N P8305N P7305N P6305N P5305N P4305N P3305N 3.0 m CN61
    (Digital) P9305E P8305E P7305E P6305E P5305E P4305E P3305E 3.0 m CN62
    A8,M9000,V6,Advanced PM-200M,Any View A5 (Digital) P9305H P8305H P7305H P6305H P5305H P4305H P3305H 3.0 m CN82
    A8 ,M9000,V6, Advanced PM-200M, Any View A5,Innomed T12Plus (Digital new) P9305J P8305J P7305J P6305J P5305J P4305J P3305J 3.0 m CN82
    A8 (Nellcor Oximax) P9305G P8305G P7305G P6305G P5305G P4305G P3305G 3.0 m CN82
    AM1500 (Digital new) P9105K P8105K P7105K P6105K P5105K P4105K P3105K 1.0 m CN30-C
    Anyview (Analog new) P9105M P8105M P7105M P6105M P5105M P4105M P3105M 1.0 m CN30-C
    Anyview S12 (Analog new) P9305L P8305L P7305L P6305L P5305L P4305L P3305L 3.0 m CN82B


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