What Is SpO2 and Why Is It Important?

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Many people don't know what SpO2 is, even though it is an important metric that provides insight into their well-being and health. If you have seen a dashboard of different health apps or fitness tracking systems, SpO2 is usually a part of the information presented. Do you ever wonder what SpO2 means and why tracking it is important for you? If not, then this article will provide you with all the important details about SpO2 and its significance.

What is SpO2?

SpO2 is a measurement of the oxygen saturation level in the bloodstream. It measures the amount of oxygen that red blood cells carry in the body. The actual SpO2 measurement is the saturated hemoglobin ratio to the blood's overall hemoglobin, presented as a percentage. A higher percentage of SpO2 is generally better. The FDA standard level of SpO2 for most healthy humans should be between 95 to 100 percent, although there are exceptions based on certain health conditions.

Why is SpO2 important?

Measuring SpO2 is critical because our body needs a specific amount of oxygen in the blood for normal functioning. A lower oxygen level in the blood can lead to various health problems, affecting the heart, brain, and circulatory system. Hypoxemia is a common issue that can cause lower oxygen levels in the blood, resulting in anxiety, rapid heart rate, difficulties in breathing, and other problems.
Doctors monitor SpO2 levels, especially if you suffer from a health condition that makes you vulnerable to reduced oxygen levels in the blood, such as asthma and pneumonia.

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Patient monitoring with SpO2

SpO2 monitoring is useful for everyone with a health condition that can affect their oxygen saturation level. For instance: Someone suffering from sleep apnea or severe snoring should check their SpO2 to monitor their oxygen saturation level during nighttime.
Checking SpO2 can also provide information about the effectiveness of breathing interventions like ventilators or oxygen therapy.
Healthcare providers can use SpO2 to assess physical activity safety in people who already suffer from respiratory or cardiovascular issues. In such cases, doctors recommend wearing a pulse oximeter during exercise.
Doctors also monitor SpO2 in more vulnerable patients, including infants who are admitted to neonatal care units. These infants usually wear a pulse oximeter which can notify the staff about a drop in their oxygen saturation level.

In conclusion

Tracking SpO2 is important for maintaining good health and preventing potential health problems. MedKe offers quick access to high-quality SpO2 sensors, adapter cables, and more, allowing you to monitor your patient's physical health and provide appropriate care according to their health condition. Kindly contact us today. 


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