The impact of ambient light on spO2 sensor accuracy

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The healthcare industry has advanced a lot, and that is mainly because of the advancements in technology. Today with the advanced electronic devices, diagnosis and treatment have become extremely easy, and a spO2 sensor makes a great example of this phenomenon. However, it is considered that ambient lighting impacts the accuracy of this sensor.

The impact of ambient light on spO2 sensor accuracy

Previously we used to take blood samples to measure the oxygen saturation in a patient. The process was usually painful for patients, and it included several complexities. The advent of spO2 sensors changed it, but it is thought that ambient lighting can impact the results. However, according to an RCJournal report, ambient light in clinical or home settings does not affect this sensor.

What factors can impact the spO2 sensor accuracy?

While ambient lighting does not impact the accuracy of this sensor, some factors that can impact the results include:

  • Shivering
  • Skin pigmentation
  • Patient motion
  • Nail polish
  • Exposure of the sensor to external light during the measurement
  • Low perfusion states
  • Intravascular dyes

What are the benefits of using spO2 sensors?

Now that you know that the ambient lighting in the area does not impact this sensor, here are the top 5 benefits of using it instead of previous methods.

1. More comfortable experience for patients

These sensors remove the need to extract some blood from the patient's body whenever oxygen saturation in the blood is to be measured. Since there is no needle penetrating across the skin, the experience is much more comfortable for the patient, especially if measurements are frequent.

2. Lesser hygiene issues

One of the biggest drawbacks of previous methods for these measurements was hygiene and protection against germs. This issue is also resolved since now you don’t need any needles and syringes to take the oxygen saturation measurements. So the equipment can be easily shared among patients.

3. High accuracy

There are several benefits of the spO2 sensor, but the one that leads it towards such high success is its high accuracy. This sensor comes with highly accurate results that are extremely close to the measurements of extracting blood. So, the efficiency is much better for patients and the medical team.

4. Multiple sizes available

These sensors are available in multiple sizes. It depends on the equipment you will get since the sensor is available from an infant's size to an adult's size. Hence, the measurements are more accurate and reliable.

5. Patients can have these sensors installed at home.

These sensors are available for clinical equipment as well as for pocketable devices. So, if patients need consistent monitoring, they can get the sensor for their home usage to ensure better health and consistent monitoring without needing to go to a clinic or hospital for this measurement only.

Find out more about the spO2 sensor that you plan to buy

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